Collection of used oil, kitchen waste and other waste.

Used frying oils are also known as used oil or the name of UCO Poland (used cooking oil) adopted from the west. Used frying oils are a mixture of vegetable fats mainly resulting from the so-called deep fat frying. In Europe, rapeseed, palm and sunflower oils are mainly used for frying. The mixture of these used oils and the color from dark to light brown forms a product called used cooking oil. Used cooking oils such as: rapeseed, palm or soy oils are currently the largest alternative to raw materials for the production of methyl esters that are used for the production of biofuels. We offer sale and transport of UCO Poland in the country and Europe. Company RAF-MAX has: REDcert -EU certificate, decision  to waste collection – decision for waste treatment – entry into the register of entities introducing products, products in packaging and waste management – registration number BDO 000013797. 

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Certyfikat REDcert - EU

We have the European REDcert-EU certificate, which means that we meet all legal requirements including the Directive (EU) 2018/2001, RED II for short. It also proves that as a company we take real actions to reduce CO2 emissions, protect the biosphere and rational use of land.